Home Office Design

With the need to strike a perfect balance between comfort and functionality, perhaps the most important part of your design is to start with a good plan.


With more people than ever choosing to start their own business, better home office design can help maximize your chances of success.


Tips for Better Home Office Design

Location: Many people, self-employed or not, have a desk or space at home for using a computer, paying bills, etc. But a lot of thought must go into a day-to-day workspace.


  • Separation: Many home-based entrepreneurs like to keep their workspace completely separate and private from the rest of the house, which means you’ll need a space with a door, like a spare bedroom.
  • Home Life: Your workspace should not get in the way of your home life. You might enjoy working on the kitchen table, but it can be inconvenient for meal preparation.


Function: Before you set-up your office, you’ll need to carefully assess the daily functions you will need to accomplish and plan for having the right equipment, furniture and operating space.


Space Planning: Once you know the required day-to-day functionality, you must layout the space so you can work most efficiently. Computer equipment and peripherals, like your printer, should be close at hand, but not in the way.


Furniture & Equipment: While planning and layout are very important, you will be using your furniture and office equipment constantly and it must be carefully selected to suite the work you are doing.


  • Computers & Accessories: If you have a computer, it must be powerful enough to handle your business needs. Even so, many people prefer not to use the same computer for personal and business use. Similarly, your printer, scanner, copier, etc., must be capable of handling the extra workload.
  • Communications: While many people can use smartphones for most or all their business needs, you might still need landlines for faxing and/or internet connections.
  • Furniture: You’ll be at your desk a lot, so make sure it has enough space for you to work efficiently. The more comfortable your chair, the more work you will get done and you’ll experience less body strain and fatigue. Use ergonomic chairs and furniture wherever possible.


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