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At Formline Sales, we know that each piece of office furniture needs to make quite the impression. Your board rooms play host to clients, customers, associates and employees; all very important people! From the board room tables to the pantry cabinet to chairs, everything must speak class.


Here’s what we suggest when picking out your board room tables and office furniture:

  • Board room tables must be cleverly and carefully designed. With plenty of surface space, they must be able to accommodate the maximum number of people you anticipate hosting at one time in that room.
  • At the same time, keep in mind that your chairs can’t be too close to each other. Get slim, comfortable chairs that don’t take up too much room, but serve the purpose. If possible, add extra seating along the walls, just in case.
  • Very often, a board meeting or conference is followed by a round of refreshments. Organize a table in a corner to hold refreshments. Not only does this avoid spilling food on important documents, but it also provides more space on the main table.

What to Look for in Board Room Tables

A board room has to be designed to impress. A prospective client crammed into an uncomfortable chair, with no space for her laptop on the table, does not do well for your image as a host company. Make sure that your board room table is spacious. Long, wide tables that fit comfortably in the room are ideal. If the table is too big, some people tend to feel overwhelmed. Allow for enough leg room and chair space. Also keep in mind that your board room table should match and complement the rest of the décor in the room. A modern steel grey table will likely clash in a room decorated in vintage mahogany or oak.


The friendly team at Formline Sales will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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