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Most people today tend to spend more time at their workstation than they do at home. It is absolutely necessary that your employees’ workstations are designed for comfort and efficiency. Comfort has a very important role to play in productivity. Formline Sales offers you top quality ergonomic workstations that enhance the quality of work, yielding optimal results.

A typical ergonomic workstation takes into consideration a number of factors:

  • Static nature of the worker – awkward postures for long hours
  • Repetitive motions – mouse control at a computer or pedals at a sewing machine
  • Poor access to items at the workstation – switches, shelves, etc.
  • Controls that are difficult to operate – adjusting the height of the chair or direction of the desk light

It is a worthy investment to buy furniture that suits both, your employees and the nature of the tasks they perform.


End-to-End Solutions for Ergonomic Workstations


Formline Sales offers you top quality products to set up ergonomic workstations. Here are some features that we offer:

  • Adjustable: You can’t order chairs that suit each individual, so a smart option is to get adjustable furniture that works for each employee uniquely.
  • Lumbar Support: Because of the long hours in a static position, it is important that the workstation comes with adequate lumbar support. Backaches will almost guarantee poor quality of work!
  • Adequate Space: A cramped workstation is a terrible workstation. Make sure that there is plenty of foot room, elbow room as well as space for keyboards, optical mouse, monitors, notepads, etc.
  • Lighting: Whether you are setting up a home office or a large office, make sure there is plenty of light. While natural light is best, seasons change and people work late into the night. Adjustable lights are ideal for someone who likes to shift position every now and then.

Start enjoying all the benefits of ergonomic workstations today. Call Formline Sales at 905-604-4595 or contact us online.


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