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With an increase in the number of home based businesses today, a well-designed office space can keep you ahead of your competitors. Formline Sales Limited offers you fantastic home office designs & contemporary office furniture in the Greater Toronto Area. We design with a good balance of efficiency as well as aesthetics in mind; and always to suit your budget.


Tips on how to plan an ergonomic office space:


  • Location:Make sure you pick a spot in your home that is low on foot traffic. A basement is often ideal as you get enough privacy and steer clear of the rest of your family during work hours. Keep in mind that it is easier to work with an empty space rather than redesign an already decorated room.
  • The Essentials: What you need as the basics in your office will vary based on the nature of your business. Determine these essentials and try to plan the layout in your work space – do you need a computer, an easel, a stove or something else?
  • Communication: The basics - like your cell phone - might not need too much thought. But if you think a fax machine, Internet cables or a printer is beneficial to you, then you need to plan and accommodate these office automation products.
  • Furniture: Your desk (or most commonly used piece of office furniture) needs to be absolutely comfortable. Get an ergonomic chair that suits you best in terms of height, size, material, etc. Ensure that you have enough leg room too. See that you have proper ventilation as you will be spending long hours working in your office.


The advantage of a home office is that you can make it as uniquely ‘you’ as you want. Getting professional help with office space planning can work to your advantage.

Why Choose Us?

Office space planning requires time, resources and effort. Hiring a professional will help you optimize your space. Formline Sales Limited has been in the business since 1988 and our team has gathered valuable experience and skills over the years.


From colours and carpeting to layout and office furniture, there are plenty of ways we can help you. At Formline Sales Limited we value our customers and strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction on every office space planning project. 


Request a free estimate or call Formline Sales Limited at (905) 604-4595 to see how we can help with office space planning and ergonomic office furniture.


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